Wall Insulation

After the attic, the most significant area of heat loss or gain are the walls of your home. Insulated walls will result in a more comfortable home and lower heating and cooling bills. All Comfort Insulation can fill your home’s walls with insulation without having to remove the drywall.

In 2 story homes there can be more than twice the area of walls as attic area. Additionally, insulating your attic is not as effective if your walls are not also insulated. All Comfort Insulation has insulated the walls of thousands of homes. We specialize in insulating frame homes, as well as solid brick home’s walls using a foam insulation.

Frame Homes

frame_insulationFrame homes make up the majority of homes in the suburbs. They are homes with 2x4 or 2x6 construction. All Comfort Insulation fills these wall cavities with Owens Corning Pro Pink Fiberglass Insulation or Cellulose Insulation. This process significantly increases the R-value of your home’s walls, providing improved comfort and lower heating and cooling bills. We can help make your home more cozy throughout all of our seasons – from Chicago’s bitter cold winters to its hot, humid summers.

Brick Homes

brick_insulationIn brick homes, uninsulated walls will feel stone cold, can result in mold growth in closets and create thermal drafts as warm air is cooled by the cold masonry as it drops and returns across the floor. All Comfort Insulation has insulated thousands of solid brick homes.

The majority of brick homes are located in Chicago and the near, historical suburbs. Insulating brick walls is a more difficult process, as the construction is often older and the gap between the brick and drywall or plaster is much smaller than in a framed home. Due to the smaller gap, a foam insulation is required. All Comfort Insulation uses a specialized Injectable Foam Insulation for Walls, which is guaranteed not to rot, decay, attract pests, and is noncombustible, non-corrosive, and will not support mold or mildew growth.

Experience makes the difference. From the estimate through completion, All Comfort Insulation is concerned with you and your home. All of our foam insulation projects are headed by our foreman, who has 39 years of experience that gives him the expertise others simply cannot offer.

What causes drafts in an uninsulated home?

wallpic2Drafts are not only caused by leaky windows or doors. In poorly insulated homes they're caused by the movement of heat towards cold. When warm air meets the cold wall surface, warm air rises and the cold air falls causing drafty floors. Children playing on the floor are subject to more colds and runny noses!

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