Attic Fans & Ventilation

Improper Ventilation is your home's biggest enemy

We offer the following services:
  • Electric powered attic fans
  • Solar powered attic fans
  • Roof vents
  • Intake (eave) vents
  • Animal guard for vents
  • Kitchen & bathroom exhaust venting

Many people do not realize that, by definition, asphalt & membrane roofs are similar to putting a plastic bag over your home, suffocating it. That is why proper attic ventilation both high & low, is critical to the health of your home.

Improper attic ventilation can rot your roof deck, shorten the life of your roof, cause curling or cupped shingles, degrade your insulation, cause paint to peel and blister, create an environment for mold, reduce your comfort level and overwork your heating/cooling system.

It is important to determine the right amount of ventilation for homes. Most homes today are not ventilated to minimum FHA standards. That means relatively little intake and exhaust ventilation in the attic. Our line of electric or solar powered attic fans, roof vents, bathroom exhaust roof caps, undereave and soffit vents can provide adequate ventilation, which in return will cut your energy bills, provide for a cooler home in the summer and prolong the life of shingles, rafters, insulation and ceilings.

Our estimators are trained to evaluate and recommend solutions for homes with inadequate attic ventilation.


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