Installing an Attic Fan Will Make Your Home More Comfortable


When your attic is too hot, it can be a real challenge to keep your home cool.  Attics get hot because the sun heats up the roof shingles and then your attic can reach temperatures 55° - 60°F hotter than the outside temperature.  On a hot Chicago day this can mean your attic temperature could get up to 150°F.  This heat will then find its way through the insulation and down into your home and will cause your air conditioning system to work harder and run more often to try to cool down your home. This will cause your electric bills to increase which will cost you more money.

If you lower the temperature in your attic, then your air conditioner can run less and save you money on your electric bill.

All Comfort Insulation can install an attic fan on your roof to help cool your hot attic and make your home more comfortable.  An attic fan works by drawing in cooler outside air from the soffit vents and bringing it up to the top of the roof where it is vented out through the fan.  This movement of air in your attic helps to vent out the hotter air which is trapped in your attic by your roof.

We can install an attic fan on your home in a couple of hours and you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.  Give us a call to schedule an installation at 630-543-2626.

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