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When you are hiring a contractor to perform work on your home in the State of Illinois, it is crucial that you make sure they have workman compensation insurance. If they don’t – you could be responsible for their medical bills and injuries sustained on your property. Any contractor that you hire, from a roofer,…
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Installing an Attic Fan Will Make Your Home More Comfortable

When your attic is too hot, it can be a real challenge to keep your home cool.  Attics get hot because the sun heats up the roof shingles and then your attic can reach temperatures 55° - 60°F hotter than the outside temperature.  On a hot Chicago day this can mean your attic temperature could…
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Proper Ventilation

Improper Ventilation is your home's biggest enemy We offer the following services: Electric powered attic fans Solar powered attic fans Roof vents Intake (eave) vents Animal guard for vents Kitchen & bathroom exhaust venting
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