Attic Insulation Helps Beat The Summer Heat

A lot of people think of insulation more as a way to keep their homes warm than to keep them cool.  Sometimes they do not realize that insulation is helpful not only for wintertime cold, but also for summertime heat. During summer, insulation in the attic helps to prevent heat from the outside from penetrating into your home. This relieves a major burden on your air conditioning system.

Insulation is a thermal barrier - meaning it stops or slows down the movement of heat through convection (movement through air). During cold weather, insulation helps to prevent the heat inside your home from escaping to the outside, which makes it easier to heat the home and helps your heating system cycle less often. But insulation does just the opposite in the summer by helping to prevent the hot air outside your home from penetrating into the living space of your home and helps your cooling system cycle less often. Insulation helps to keep out summer heat and keep in winter warmth.

The roof of your home absorbs sunlight and heat every day. That's why your attic tends to be the hottest area in your home. Insulation effectively creates a barrier between the attic and the living space which helps to prevent outside heat from invading your cool air-conditioned air in the summer. It slows the transfer of temperature between the inside and outside air. The same principle works when you place ice-cold drinks inside a cooler. You're able to keep your drinks cool for much longer because of the insulating properties of the material the cooler is made from. Without insulation in the attic of your home, it's like leaving the top of a cooler wide open. With insulation in your attic, you create a barrier from the outside heat and your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

The more attic insulation you have the longer it takes our Chicago heat to travel through it, and that means less summer time heat reaches your interior living space. The State of Illinois has set the code at R49 for attic insulation.  This equates to approximately 16" of blown-in insulation.  If your insulation doesn't measure up,  then give us a call at 630-543-2626 to schedule a free estimate.  You'll soon be enjoying a more comfortable home for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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