Are You Prepared For Another Chicago Winter?

Chicago winters have been particularly brutal the last few years.  Wind chills, below freezing temperatures, snow, freezing pipes and ice dams are just some of the nastiness Mother Nature has thrown at us. 

Don’t wait until we are firmly in winter’s grip to think about increasing the insulation in your attic and walls.  While we have enjoyed a warmer than normal fall season, our weather can change overnight. If your home wasn’t as warm and toasty last winter as you would have liked it to be, then chances are you could greatly benefit from additional insulation.  Inadequate insulation will make your furnace run more often trying to keep your home at the temperature you set your thermostat to because the heat is escaping through your attic and walls. This will have an effect of much higher electric and gas bills as well as reducing the life span of your furnace due to it overworking itself.

Don’t suffer through another cold winter dreading getting out of your warm bed in the morning because your home is cold.  All Comfort Insulation is  family owned and operated and has been in business for 39 years, helping thousands of homeowners just like yourself to reduce their energy bills and increase the comfort of their homes.  Call today at 630-543-2626 to schedule a free in home estimate before Mother Nature returns with a vengeance.

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